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Green wood integrated wall is the original ecological fiber and bamboo fiber, combined with environmentally friendly polymer materials through advanced technology and equipment, through high temperature and pressure, no scrap, no heavy metals and other harmful ingredients. Forming a variety of models of color plates, lines, profiles, to achieve the European standard EO-class environmental standards, fire B-class national standards
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Bedroom applications
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After the full research of market and the estimate of the prospect ,Green wood new material company invent the bamboo-wood fiber wall board, it is the newest and fast assemble decoration wall board.By using the bamboo and wood fiber as the fundamental material, fully embody the advantage of the board, such as environmental,fast assemble,etc. 
Green Wood wall decoration board is made from wood powder,bamboo powder and environmental high polymer material,etc. By using the advanced technology and equipment,processing by high temperature,totally no waste during the producing process, no harmful material such as heavy metal,formaldehyde,etc.The finishing product can be made into different color and patter, the environmental standard achieved E0 class, B class fireproof grade. Surface pattern of the board can attain wood pattern,marble pattern,wall paper pattern,etc.color and pattern are customized.our new material board can be assembled easily ,it is.........

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